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Dassault Rafale

French Dassault Rafale Multirole Fighter Aircraft

The Dassault Rafale is a twin-engine, omnirole, multi-mission, multirole air superiority fighter aircraft developed and manufactured by French company Dassault Aviation.

Rafale fighters have successfully demonstrated their combat worthiness over a period of decades. The French air force used the Rafale during operations in the Falkland Islands, the Middle East, the Gulf, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Libya, and, more recently, Mali, the Central African Republic, Iraq, and Syria.

French Rafale , Indian Air Force Rafale , Dassault Rafale Combat jet

Dassault Rafale has recently bagged many international orders. Dassault managed to clench these orders for Rafale despite the fierce competition. Indian air force became the first international customer for Rafale. Egypt and Qatar are also currently using the Dassault Rafale.  

 In today’s modern warfare, air superiority over your adversary is crucial in order to gain a major strategic advantage. Modern fighter jets carry impressive weapons packages capable of destroying targets from standoff distances. Rafale being a multirole fighter jet also carry latest weapons package for air superiority , ground attack and for anti-ship missions.  

Rafale - General Specifications

General Specifications

Dassault Rafale Details

Designed And Manufactured By

Dassault Aviation 


Rafale Is 4 Plus Generation 

Aircraft Category

Medium Weight Fighter Jet

Aircraft Design Type

Canard Delta Wing

Aircraft Engine Category

Twin Engine Fighter Jet

Primary Designated Role

Omnirole - Multirole , Multi-mission

Rafale Radar Type

AESA Radar - RBE2 AA

Sensor Type

Optronique Secteur Frontal - IRST

Rafale Variants

C - Single Seat , B- Twin Seat , M - Marine

Rafale Development History

During the late 1970s, the French Air Force and Navy needed to replace their ageing fleet of Mirage 2000 fighter planes, with modern, cutting-edge technology planes. In order to save development time, share the project development cost and technology and to facilitate future sales, the French government decided to join the consortium of four countries.

This consortium was already working on the project Eurofighter Typhoon which included Germany, the UK, Italy and Spain. However, as the work on this consortium project progressed, disagreements arose on a number of issues. The French government opted to withdraw from the Eurofighter Typhoon project and begin work on its own project.

France began work on its own fighter plane project, and the first prototype of the Rafale was rolled out for testing in 1986.

History Of Rafale , Dassault Rafale History , Rafale Development History

The French industry had already proven their expertise in the design and development of the cutting-edge Mirage 2000, a delta-wing contemporary plane. The Mirage 2000 was sold to several countries and is still in use in many of them.

As a result, French firms benefited from an already built technological foundation required for many crucial technological fields like as radar, engines, avionics, fly-by-wire systems, and missile systems.

The Rafale canard delta wing design is basically an aerodynamically unstable aircraft, necessitating the use of digital fly-by-wire flight control with the assistance of onboard computers to artificially control and maintain aircraft stability.

Rafale Omnirole Capabilities

The Rafale is designed by Dassault Aviation as omnirole ( multi role multi mission ) with cutting edge technology. Rafale fighter jet is said to be 4.5 plus generation due to application of its sophisticated technology.

The Rafale architecture design is based on canard delta wing, flight controlled and stabilized by electronic fly-by-wire systems. It is twin-engine jet and powered by two independent engines.

The Rafale has been designed and developed as an “Omnirole” aircraft by Dassault to effectively perform wide range of operations.  

French Dassault Rafale , French Rafale Fighter , Rafale , French Rafale

Rafale Omnirole Feature

Mission Objectives

Air Supremacy

Aircraft ability to dominate air combats against adversary.

Aerial Reconnaissance

Aircraft ability to observe and gather adversary information.  


Aircraft ability to strike pre-emptive tactical bombing.

Ground Attack

Aircraft ability to strike and destroy the ground targets.

Ground Support

Aircraft ability to provide aerial bombing support to infantry.

Deep Strike Mission 

Aircraft ability to hit the targets deep into enemy territory.

Anti-Ship, Anti-Submarine Strike

Aircraft ability to hit the naval combat ships and submarines.

Nuclear Deterrence

Aircraft ability to strike with nuclear weapon.

Rafale Characteristics And Technical Specifications

The Rafale physical characteristics include the physical dimensions of the aircraft, which include height – 5.5 meters, length – 15.27 meters, wing span – 10.9 meters, empty weight – 10 tonnes, maximum take-off weight – 24.5 tonnes with weapons and fuel.

The Rafale technical specifications include the number of engines – two, engine model – Snecma M88; and each engine generates dry thrust of 50 KN and 75 KN afterburners. The fighter jet needs to land on 450 meters of runway. It is available in both single seater and two-seater variants.

Dassault Rafale Specifications , Rafale Technical Details , Rafale Details

The Rafale is capable of operating at a service ceiling of a maximum of 50,000 feet. It has a ferry range of 3500 kilometers and a combat range of 1750 kilometers.  Rafale has a total fuel capacity of 16550 liters. This includes its internal fuel storage and external fuel storage, including the capacity of two conformal tanks.

Rafale Technical Specifications

Rafale Feature


Rafale Feature



15.30  Mtr

Max Thrust

2 X 7.5 Tonnes


5.30  Mtr

Max Speed

1.8 Mach

Empty Weight

10  Tonnes

Service Ceiling

50,000 Feets

Takeoff Weight

24.5  Tonnes

Two Engines

Snecma M88

Internal Fuel

4.7  Tonnes

Engine Dry Thrust

50 KN Each

External Fuel

6.7  Tonnes

Engine AB Thrust

75 KN Each

Wing Span

10.9 Mtr

Landing Distance

450  Mtr

Ferry Range

3700 KM

Combat Range

1850 KM

Rafale Weapons And Armaments

The Rafale, as described by Dassault, is an omnirole fighter jet capable of performing multirole missions. It comes with a wide range of weapons packages that make Rafale a formidable opponent. The Rafale’s weapons and armament package is powerful enough for both short- and long-range aerial combat.

The Rafale is outfitted with the most recent active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar, which can track and identify aerial threat targets with pinpoint accuracy. After identifying the targets, the radar guides the weapons to hit the targets with pinpoint accuracy.

The Rafale has extremely potent air combat air-to-air missiles, including short and medium-range MBDA MICA missiles. For very long-range engagements beyond visual range, the MBDA Meteor missile is a complete game changer that offers unmatched capability in aerial combat.

Rafale Weapons , Dassault Rafale Weapons , Rafale Armaments , IAF Rafale

The MBDA Scalp is another formidable air-to-ground weapon that allows the Rafale to hit strategic ground targets from a standoff distance of up to 560 kilometers.

The Safran Hammer missile is another lethal air-to-ground attack precision munition that can hit ground targets with pinpoint accuracy. The Hammer missile provides the capability to destroy heavily fortified targets from standoff distances.

Similarly, the Rafale is also equipped with the latest version of the combat proven MBDA Exocet AM39 missile, primarily designed for anti-ship strike missions. The Exocet missile has an effective range of over 80 km.

Rafale Weapons Package

Rafale Weapon




MBDA Meteor

Air-To-Air Missile

MBDA Meteor is a long range BVR air combat missile with 180 Km Range.


Air-To-Air Missile

MBDA MICA is a Medium range BVR air combat missile with 60 Km Range.

MBDA Scalp

Air-To-Ground Missile

MBDA Scalp is a very long range ground attack  missile with 560 Km Range.

Safran Hammer 

Air-To-Ground Missile

Safran Hammer is a long range ground attack  missile with 80 Km Range.

MBDA Exocet

Anti-Ship Missile

MBDA Exocet AM39 is a long range Anti-Ship missile with 70 Km Range.

Rafale F4.1 Standard

Dassault Rafale F4.1 Standard Latest Details 2023

The Dassault Rafale fighter is a multirole fighter aircraft manufactured by Dassault Aviation of France. The Rafale has been upgraded over time to various standards, with the latest standard being the Rafale F4.1. French Air Force has received the delivery of latest Dassault Rafale F4.1 standard aircraft in the month of March 2023.

Here are some details about the Rafale F4.1 standard:

Dassault Rafale F4.1 Standard
  1. Avionics and Electronics: The Rafale F4.1 will feature upgraded avionics and electronics, including a new active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar, enhanced electronic warfare (EW) capabilities, and advanced data links.
  2. Weapon Systems: The F4.1 standard will introduce new weapon systems, including the Meteor air-to-air missile with a range of over 150 km and the Mica NG missile with improved capabilities over the current Mica missile.
  3. Engine Upgrade: The F4.1 will feature an upgraded version of the Rafale’s current engine, the Snecma M88. The new engine, called the M88-4E, will provide improved performance and fuel efficiency.
  4. Sensor and Communication Upgrades: The Rafale F4.1 will feature upgrades to its sensors and communication systems, including a new infrared search and track (IRST) system and improved satellite communication capabilities.
  5. Cybersecurity: The F4.1 will also feature enhanced cybersecurity measures to protect the aircraft and its systems from cyber attacks.

Overall, the Rafale F4.1 standard will provide the aircraft with improved performance, capabilities, and survivability. The upgrade program is expected to be completed by 2024.

French Government has already offered Rafale 4.1 standard planes to the Indian Air Force (IAF) under MMRCA program to procure 114 fighter jets for IAF. 

The Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft (MMRCA) competition in India, also known as the MRCA tender, refers to the competition to supply 126 multi-role combat aircraft to the Indian Air Force (IAF)

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Rafale Marine

The “Rafale M” refers to the naval version of the Dassault Rafale, a multirole fighter aircraft developed by France. The “M” in Rafale M stands for “Marine,” indicating its capability for carrier-based operations.

It is specifically designed to operate from aircraft carriers, making it suitable for deployment on the French Navy’s aircraft carriers. Rafale Marine was under evaluation by the Indian Navy for its aircraft carrier, INS Vikrant. The Indian Navy has recently declared the Rafale Marine as the winner after intense competition with the Boeing F-18 Fighter.

Rafale Marine , Rafale M Variant

The Rafale M shares most of its features with the standard Rafale variant, including its advanced avionics, versatile weapons systems, and high maneuverability. It is equipped to handle various missions, such as air defense, air superiority, ground attack, reconnaissance, and nuclear deterrence.

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