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World Defence News

WDN Objective

The World Defence News ( WDN )  is a website / blog ( focused on bringing you the latest information and news about the latest developments in military science, armed forces, defence, strategic affairs, foreign policy and other such related topics .

The main objective of the WDN is to provide our viewers with the latest trending news, articles and updates about defence technology, military science, the Army, Navy and Air Force, weapons and platforms, issues concerning strategic importance and the latest trends in foreign policy.

As a matter of policy, the WDN does not align with any particular school of thought, political party, or religion and is committed to impartial, unbiased reporting that is based on facts and not on perception.

WDN Management

The WDN has been promoted and managed by a group of committed professionals having expertise in defence technology, strategic affairs and foreign relations.

The WDN strongly believes in the diversity of opinion without any political motive and is committed to exercising freedom of speech. We would love to have you in the WDN family either as a viewer or a content contributor.

You are most welcome to join as content contributor If you have a serious talent for writing articles on fields that will be in line with the scope of the core subjects that include military, armed forces, defence, strategic affairs, space and foreign relations.

WDN Defence Forum

The WDN believes that we can all engage and interact on the WDN forum, which is a vibrant community of defence enthusiasts. The WDN Defence forum offers an excellent platform to engage with each other on various topics and subjects related to military news, reports and events.

We at WDN strongly believe that your opinion matters and the WDN forum offers a unique platform to voice your thoughts and opinions on various topics open for discussion. As we all grow together, some of you can also join as moderators who will guide us and provide direction in maintaining sanctity and decorum on the defence forum.

I’m looking forward to your association with the WDN family. 

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